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Help Appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to check out the page. I've tried to get as much info as I can, but can always do with some more. There are certainly more live tapes and related recordings around than listed here. So please let me know if you find anything different to what I've listed!

If you have something printed in another country, especially with a different track listing then write me an email. Any details are appreciated.

This page is intended as a discography, but one day may be expanded to include guitar tabs, magazine articles, reviews, etc. Don't hold your breath though!

'ave we got a Video?

There are FOURTEEN Frente film clips. Does anybody know what they are? My list so far includes:
Ordinary Angels (2 versions)
Accidently Kelly Street (2 versions)
No Time
Labour of Love
Lonely (I'm assuming)
Bizarre Love Triangle
Sit On My Hands
What's Come Over Me
That leaves three more ...

If you have any comments about or additions to this page or its content, please email to whirled@SabaiSabai.org.