Ice Bubble
IceBubble Matt Mavis (from The Mavis's)
Released Australia 1993.

Produced by Simon Austin

Tingly POP! featuring Angie Hart
CD single released Australia 1995  d1204
  • Tingly
  • Tingly ang-elic
  • Tingly I wish my brother george martin was here
  • Tingly hartless
  • Zoo instrumental 8-track demo

Cry The Mavis's
CD Single released Australia 1998.

Includes an early demo of Thunder, produced by Simon Austin

Romance of Poverty
Romance of Poverty Tim O'Connor's Walking Wounded
EP CD released Australia 1995  cc29634

  • Nothing At All
  • No Time
  • Finger On the Pulse
  • Romance of Poverty
EP by Marvin-era Tim O'Connor, featuring his own rendition of No Time

More of Her Four Hours Sleep featuring Angie Hart
CD album released Australia 1996

Album by Shape-era Frente bass player Bill McDonald,
featuring Angie Hart on the tracks Stick To My Fingers and A Real Miracle
More of Her