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This page was first created in 1997 and this here is the 4th incarnation, completed in January 2004. Same-Same but different; The main aim of this version is cross-browser compatability, and in particular with recent versions of IE and Mozilla/Netscape. Most of the JavaScript and the page transitions have been taken out.

Updated in 2022 with details of the 21st and 30th Anniversary editions of Marvin.

As with every page at SabaiSabai this all-natural page has been created solely in text editors. It works best with screen resolution 1024 x 768.

I'm not a designer and would gladly appreciate any suggestions about design, and particuarly, about the choice of colours.

If you have any comments about or additions to this page or its content, please email to ben@SabaiSabai.org.

Many thanks to the following: